The 4th, 5th and 6th graders are now writing letters to our sister school, Notre Dame Secondary School in Bandipur, Nepal. 


 Sister Evangela came to give us a talk about the school.  She was the one of the founders of the school and had been a principal for more than 20 years. 


 For the 4th graders, she explained the basic information about Nepal and Bandipur.  She also talked about how they started the school and about the students’ school life over there. 

 For the 5th graders, she talked about how the children spend their daily life and what they do after school. 

 For the 6th graders, she talked about the town, such as what kinds of shops there are and how they spend their lives there. 


 She also told us about some problems they have.  It’s been very hard for them to find their jobs ever since the corona virus had spread.
 She mentioned that our donation has been very helpful for them and they really appriciated that. 


 Thank you very much for such a valuable talk, Sr. Evangela. 
 Now we are ready to write our letters! 

Notre Dame Elementary School
English Department