We introduced our principal, Harayama sensei at the English TV in May. 


In the morning, he greets the students, saying “Good morning.”  

On Monday morning, his talk is broadcasted on TV. 

When the students go to the Mountain House, he says “Good bye” to them. 


This is the principals’s office.  Let’s take a look inside. 

He is doing his desk work. 

At lunch time  he eats the same school lunch just like us. 


In the morning and in the afternoon, he has meetings with many teachers.

Sometime he even has a video interview. 

So, this is what Harayama sensei’s day is like.


We also interviewed him at the studio.

“Thank you Harayama sensei for coming to the studio today.   

I have a question.  What day do you like best?”

“I like Mondays.” 

“Why do you like Mondays?”

“Because on Mondays I can see my students.”

“Oh! I see!  On Saturdays and  Sundays we have no school.   

But on Mondays, you can see the students.” 

“Yes, I enjoy saying ‘Good morning’ to the students every morning.

And I’m very happy to hear them say ‘Good morning’ too.”

“Very nice!” 


Thank you very much for joining us, Harayama sensei. 

Notre Dame Elementary School
English Department