Hello, everyone!
We are the Notre Dame English teachers of 2023. 

“Hi!  My name is Alex.  I teach the 1st and the 3rd grades.  My favorite food is pizza.  I like collecting LEGO!

“Hello!  My name is William.  Please call me Willy sensei.  I teach the 5th and the 6th grades.  I like eating sushi.  I like playing soccer.”

“Hello!  My name is Toby.  I teach the 2nd and 4th grades. My favorite food is cheese burgers.  I like playing basketball.” 

Nice to meet you!!!

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English Morning Time




English TV Broadcasting





ND English Time (Module)





English Morning Time:

We enjoy the story videos and slides made by our English teachers. 

(English 朝読書では、英語の先生の本の読み聞かせを動画やスライドで聞きます。)

English TV Broadcasting:

We watch school TV broadcasting in English.


ND English Time:

We review and practice our English lessons.

(ND Englishタイムでは、英語の授業で学習したことを中心に練習します。)


Let’s practice English every day!